Monday, December 22, 2008

Still trying to enable comments...

I keep hearing from some of you that you can't make comments on this blog. I don't know what the problem is, but I'll keep trying to fix it. I really do want to hear from you! If you send your comments to in the meantime, I will cut and paste them here so that others can see them. It's awkward and medieval, I know, but what can I say? I love to spend my time making things and I hate to spend it messing around with the computer, so if there is a low-tech way to get there, I'll take it.

It's really, really cold in Bedford right now (7 degrees Fahrenheit, up from 1 degree early this morning), so it's perfect weather for staying inside and having fun with fibers in the sewing room. The heat in this old pile of rocks we call home is good but expensive, so DH goes around turning down the ancient hot-water radiators and I turn them back up as soon as I enter a room. As you might imagine, this does little to lower our heating bills. Anyway, the sewing room can get pretty toasty if DH stays out of it long enough.

I took the kids (DS and his cousins) to Bloomington yesterday to see the "Grand Tour" exhibit at the IU Art Museum (wonderful, and closing soon, so if you haven't seen it and you want to, you'd better hurry). The wind really whipped around our heads on the long walk from the parking lot to the museum and back, but it was worth it. On the way home I stopped at one of Bloomington's two yarn stores (Bedford unfortunately doesn't have any) and picked up the knitting and tatting needles I needed, and some yellow roving for making star ornaments. Unfortunately the store didn't have single tatting needles, just this four-needle contraption that won't fit into the points of the star, so we'll see if I can manage that challenge. Stay tuned, stay warm, and stay creative.

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