Friday, October 23, 2009

Behind Closed (Pocket) Doors

You may remember that earlier this year we traveled to Detroit over a weekend to buy pocket doors to replace a set that was removed from our house who knows how long ago. I even included a picture of my handsome DH posing in front of the salvaged doors. What I didn't show you is what lies behind those doors--the first floor turret room, which is mostly round and which serves as our living room.

This room still isn't finished--it needs baseboard moldings and the fireplace needs to be reopened. I would love to build in floor-to-ceiling bookshelves one of these days, and add some furniture that hasn't been bought at a garage sale. Still, it is my favorite room, and when I turned on these lights the other night after a couple of hours of dusting, what I saw made me happy. After hauling out buckets of crumbling plaster, sanding floors, and stripping woodwork in this old house, we can take our coffee into the living room and savor the feeling of home.

Monday, October 12, 2009

No Time for Fun

I've been volunteering a lot of time at our local museum and haven't had much left over for my needlework (or blogging). I did manage, one sleepless night, to rip out a lot of the teal Blue Sky Bulky sweater I started late last winter and re-think the design. I'm pretty sure I'm only going to be able to knit the body of the sweater with the yarn I have, then maybe the sleeves can be felted wool dyed to contrast or something. More on this later.

Saturday was my birthday, always a reminder that time stops for no one. DS had a bout of flu last week that was remarkably focusing; I spent a day at home playing board games with him (he won them all) It was great; having one child off to college this year makes me savor the time I have with the one still at home. My dear husband is up to his elbows in things to fix as usual.

I'm taking a drawing class--in the first class I mostly drew cylinders. Maybe this week I'll move up to cubes! I look forward to drawing something well enough that I won't be embarrassed to post it here. That might be a while.