Friday, December 19, 2008

Needle felting is addictive

Help, I can't stop needle felting! I've made four more ornaments from that little kit I told you about earlier. So cool--when I need a new color I just go to my yarn stash, pull out some yarn, rip it apart so it somewhat resembles roving, and poke it in. My friend Stephen just shakes his head and says, "We have to get you some more roving."

Here's a picture of the little snowman that started it all--so cute! It's going to be a package tie on a present for someone who collects snowmen--don't tell; I want it to be a surprise.

For my next act I'm going to put a piece of wool fabric between two thin layers of roving and try to come up with a felted fabric like Tina Kldiashvili's. Tina is the Georgian felting artist who made my beautiful coat. The picture shows a detail of the back left shoulder--imagine, the whole coat looks like this, just gorgeous. You can take a look at Tina's work at "Theka" is the name for felting in the Georgian language, and Tina is a Theka master. I would love to get Tina here to show us how she does it; we had hoped to bring her to Indiana and Michigan last summer but history got in the way. Maybe we'll have better luck in 2009.

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