Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Needle felting--so much fun!

Last night while I was watching TV with my DH and DS ("darling husband" and "darling son"), I opened up the needle felted ornament kit I bought at the Corydon Fiber Arts Festival a couple of months ago. It's a little snowman, and includes undyed, black and red roving (that's unspun wool for those of you who haven't taken our spinning class yet). I poked that needle back and forth through a couple of HGTV shows (I can't believe DH and DS actually let me watch them) and then half of a sappy Hallmark Christmas drama, et voila! the cutest little fuzzy snowman appeared like magic. I can't wait to make another one--I'm looking through my yarn stash for new colors for the scarf. It looks like I have enough undyed roving to make a couple more, so the kit was a bargain at $10.00. The kit is made by Big Springs Farm and Fiber LLC in Pekin, Indiana; their website is www.bigspringsfarm.com. This was my first adventure in felting, and the instructions were completely clear--what an ah-ha! moment when that roving starts to mesh together into a thick layer of felt.

I also have a lead on a teacher for our stained glass class--stay tuned for more good news on this front.

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