Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Fighting winter demotivation

It's crappy outside. Here in southern Indiana, we aren't bombarded by snow like our friends in the northeast, but it's 3° outside and still fairly slick. I don't mean to whine; it's winter and this is what winter is supposed to do. Still, the long-term effects of a hard winter are nefarious: eat too much, waste too much time playing with my cell phone, exercise sporadically if at all.

So, in an effort to snap out of it, I finally persuaded myself to start a needlework project. It's stash-busting time (when is it not?), mostly because I have no ready cash for new yarn. I found this blue wool worsted weight, the green from last year's hat project, and the pink from a long ago craft fail that got unraveled and stashed.

I'm not in love with the checkerboard texture yet, but it will be a colorful and warm addition to someone's wardrobe. Stay tuned for the final result.

Family update: DD graduated from IU in May and is working for a lab in West Virginia. DS is a freshman at IU studying biochemistry. DH,  Mr. Fuzz and I are just trying to stay warm.