Monday, February 9, 2009

Last post on tatted hearts, I promise!

I'm taking some of these hearts to the Waldron in Bloomington tomorrow to put in a "Valentine Mart," but I thought I would put up a picture to show you what our door looks like in all its glory.

I had a lot of fun tatting, but it's time to move on to the next project, a sweater in Blue Sky Bulky yarn that I bought on sale at In a Yarn Basket ( I took every skein they had, but I'm pretty sure it isn't enough to finish the sweater. I'm scouting around for a yarn in a solid teal that will coordinate with it well--any ideas? Here's a photo so you can see how really chunky this yarn is (I'm using #17 needles).

Renovation update: DH spent most of the last week installing window moldings on the second floor of the sheriff's house. I'm getting loopy from the smell of polyurethane, but it's worth it. Some day the house will be finished and we can turn our attention to the cell blocks.

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