Monday, February 23, 2009

Don't miss our new exhibit!

I'm giving you a sneak preview of two of my favorite paintings in our exhibition of work by Lawrence County artist Janet C. Foster. I have always had a deep appreciation for our southern Indiana Amish community, and in these two paintings I believe Janet has beautifully depicted the quiet dignity of their lives. The Amish are not her only focus, however; Janet's work captures both Indiana and western landscapes and people with honesty and love. Don't miss this exhibition! You can view it through March 4, and admission is free.

I've become, as some of you have suspected, addicted to tatting, and since my last post have finished several small projects. The most recent, just completed yesterday, is this edging lace, from the book "Tatting" by Carol M. Winandy. It looks pretty on the towel, but those large holes in the center may cause trouble when I try to wash it. Stay tuned for the final verdict.

The loom has been shipped from California and is due to arrive later this week. We'll see if weaving manages to displace tatting and quilting in my affections; so much art, so little time!


  1. That tatted insertion pattern sewed onto that blue towel is beautiful! It's always nice to "meet" another tatting addict! So, does this mean that we are going to see more tatting posts on here!?! :)

  2. Sorry I havent made it in there yet. My mom-inlaw and bro-inlaw have both been and are in the hospital. I am fighting some health issues also. Will make it in before it is over though. Really wanted to come to opening night. The bit in the paper was nice. As for your tatting, you are a rock star. :o)

  3. Thank you both! TattingChic, it is such a surprise to hear from such a classy West Coast blogger as yourself. I love your blog! Yes, unless I go ga-ga over the new loom, I suspect I'll keep putting up pictures of my latest tatting projects--I'm obsessed. I wake up thinking about what I want to tat next, plotting how to use the beads from old necklaces, and the gorgeous sari silk I bought a couple of months ago, and how long it would take to tat a sleeveless top...

    Angela, I love your blog, too, and I'm so sorry you've been sick. Headaches are the worst. We would love to see you if you get a chance to come by--the exhibition is really very sweet. It's funny--I checked yesterday to see if there was anything in the paper, and I completely missed it. Thanks for letting me know it was there! All I can see these days is tatting!