Monday, June 30, 2014

Summer top #3, not free but very cheap

It took me a while to get top #3 of my Seven Summer Top Challenge finished, but it was worth it. I love how crazy this top turned out. The pattern is McCall's M6649, but I shortened the sleeves and added turn-back cuffs to make it cooler to wear (and to accommodate a fabric shortage). If I make this pattern again, I will move the pockets away from the center a half inch; they look too close together to me. To make this shirt, I combined a small piece of leftover Hawaiian shirt print fabric someone gave me with an unused blue curtain, both from my stash. I had to buy a fat quarter of fabric in a contrasting print ($1.99) and buttons ($.99) for a grand total of $2.98 plus $.20 sales tax. $3.18 for a new shirt is very affordable, even if it's technically a violation of the challenge to spend anything. I could have used more fabric and buttons from my stash, but it wouldn't have turned out this well. I made up the rules and I can break them!

Next project: My own Regency dress for the Jane Austen Festival in Louisville. I've already made two, for my niece and her friend. The festival is in two weeks, yikes! Stay tuned...

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