Tuesday, April 16, 2013

What's Old Is New Again

This post was originally published a year or so ago. I somehow managed to inadvertently move it to the top of the queue. So sorry!

Long ago, in a faraway land, when our now nearly-adult son was three, I kept my jewelry in the top drawer of a low dresser. Sure enough, one day I discovered the little guy gleefully beating a malachite necklace against the hard marble floor of our African paradise. Green chips flew from the beads, and the string broke just as I arrived, sending what was left of the beads flying around the room.

This wasn't a precious necklace; I had paid three dollars for it at an outdoor market in Nairobi; nevertheless,  the beads were lovely green stone, so I stashed what was left of them in a Ziploc bag with the intention to do something with them someday.

Well, dear readers, that day was today, fifteen short years later. I added tiny lime green glass beads from our daughter's abandoned collection to make up for the ones that had broken, and restrung the necklace. It took about forty minutes to create a whole new necklace. I like the new version better than the original, and can't wait to wear it.

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