Thursday, August 30, 2012

Wiley House Heritage Arts Show Features My Original Work!

I'm excited to have two of my original creations, a knit top and matching scarf, featured this coming month in a Heritage Arts show at the Wiley House, 14th and J Streets in Bedford, Indiana.  I made the top and scarf with two balls of Warbler Boucle, a 100% cotton yarn by Robin Edmundson of Solsberry, Indiana ( For the lace stitch, I used a scarf pattern by Vedis Jonsdottir on page 112 of the Spring/Summer 2009 issue of Vogue Knitting. I pretty much stuck to the pattern for the scarf, but got more creative for the top, adding two balls of old crochet thread that I dyed with Rit Dye to achieve the dark blue of the yoke, which I knitted in a simple stockinette stitch edged in garter stitch. I had never dyed thread before, and I was really pleased with how easy it was and how well it turned out. I see a lot more thread-dyeing in my future.

The jeans were decorated by DD and her friends in Rouen, France, to commemorate the year she spent there on the Rotary Youth Exchange program in 2008-2009. These jeans remind me of the senior cords created by Indiana high school students in the past. I think they look great with the top and scarf.

The pink bra under the lace top might be a little much! It was either that or a boring beige camisole. 

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