Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Here's the link to the "Profiles" Show!



  1. Hello Rowena...I just finished watching your Old Jail interview and enjoyed it very much! I had so many little thoughts while watching it, like I thought that was so cool that you went to the trouble to restore an old double pocket door. When I was growing up, my mom and step-dad took an old house that use to be the carriage house to the huge house that was next to it. When we demolished some of the walls and ceilings to replace damage, we found several very old things stuck up in the rafters. You could tell that the kitchen had been where the carriage was pulled into one end of the house. The basement was hand dug and low, but we used it for storage and laundry.
    I found your army/foreign service interesting. My son is a captain in the army at Ft. Bragg and a Ranger. His wife who is almost 33 yrs old just entered the army the first of March and is in Basic and then goes to OCS and then on to OBC. When she and my son were in college, where they met, my DIL wanted to be a CIA agent, and my son said "NO wife of his would be an agent." LOL Then later he went into the army and has made us all laugh. What is good for the goose is good for the gander they say. She decided before it gets too late she wants to do something. Her major had been political. She'd love intelligence or foreign service. I told her she will have doors open for her. She is one smart gal!
    I also found the fact that you provide a place for art to come alive and be shown in your area. You said you felt that was important and I agree. But, it isn't just anyone who can head up or organize such a project, so I know there are many that appreciate what you do. I also was thinking that that is a little what Blogs are all about...a place to share and to show what we are doing.
    Thank you for doing the interview, and I was wondering if you'd like me to post something about your blog and interview on my blog? Let me know. Your blog friend, Cathy

  2. Cathy, thank you so much for taking the time to look at the video and all my blog posts! Yes, that would be great if you were to post something on your blog about my interview. I hope to have more time now that Easter is over to actually write a blog post or two again. Life has been ridiculously busy.

    That's a good story about your son and daughter-in-law. She sounds like she would be great for the Foreign Service, although since your son is in the military, it will be easier to mesh their two careers if they are both in the same organization. I was lucky that DH didn't mind following my career around the globe; if he had wanted a career of his own it would have been much harder.

    Speaking of DH, he came out with me this morning to a park in Bedford where someone had told me about a limestone sculpture that had been dumped in a ditch. I am hoping to find it and rescue it so we can exhibit it at our county museum. So far no luck but it was a beautiful walk in the woods. We have a couple more ravines to explore before we give up hope.

    It is fun to excavate history in old houses, isn't it? I especially love old carriage houses; I think because they remind me of the movie "Sabrina". One of my girlfriends long ago rented the carriage house to an old mansion that had been demolished in New Jersey. I spent a wonderful weekend there--the living room was in the big open area where the carriages were parked and the bedrooms were along a balcony that overlooked it. Just fabulous. I thought about trying to turn our big ugly garage into a carriage house, but the garage is DH's man cave, and the only thing he liked about the carriage house in "Sabrina" was the old cars.