Friday, February 19, 2010

That Postage Stamp Quilt

You might remember last year about this time I blogged about a postage stamp quilt top I had completed, or at least, I thought I had completed. When I compared the dimensions of my quilt top with the dimensions of a queen-sized piece of quilt batting, I realized that my quilt actually needed to be a foot larger both length- and width-wise, which translated into twelve large blocks of four smaller blocks apiece, each containing 16 two-inch squares. You do the math. I would have gotten back to it sooner, but DH moved stuff around and I lost track of all the pieces for a while. Thanks to some heavy snow that kept us housebound for a few days, I have found everything and am back at work. So far I finished one large block and three-quarters of a second. And here's the result.

At Ash Wednesday service I was impressed by our minister's saying that Lenten fasting didn't just have to be about food, it could be about anything you enjoy. In response, I have given up Spider Solitaire for the month of Lent. This may not sound like much of a sacrifice to you, but I love Spider Solitaire--there's something addictive and satisfying about lining all those cards up and making them go away, and as soon as DH and DS leave in the morning, I like to win a game before I do anything else. Some mornings it takes forty-five minutes to an hour before I win a game, so I should have a lot more free time for quilting, knitting, and other worthwhile pursuits now.

How about you? What are you working on?


  1. Thanks for you comment on my blog! Yes, I love teaching the next generation. I have 6 grandchildren so I think it would be cool if all 6 sewed and or atleast valued and appreciated handwork!

    I had to laugh about the Spider Solitare. My husband plays every single night while relaxing in front of the TV. I don't think he could sit there and not play on his laptop! I'll be sure and tell him about your Lent sacrifice. I doubt that would keep him from playing.

    My mom made a beautiful postage stamp quilt a number of years ago, gave it to me, and I gave it to my DD2. She loves it...and so do I. The main color that goes throughout the centers is red, and it is a large KING size! I will take a picture of it next time I'm at her house and post it! I also have a bucket of other things I want to take pictures of an post. Some are my baby clothes my mom either knitted or crocheted for me. So many people like old stuff, and knitting and crochet. I also have some old aprons. Nothing fabulous, but some might enjoy seeing them. Finally I have some old Kentucky childrens chairs all handmade.

    Do you live in the entire Jail building or is part of it a museum? What do you do with all the room. It looks so cool. I'd love to see it sometime...if you ever do tours. Have a marvellous day. I am still organizing my new sewing/office room. Can't believe the amount of stuff I've brought in from the garage and put into this spare bedroom. It is all fitting though! Hurray!!!

  2. Oh, do put up the pictures of your treasures. I love to look at heirlooms. That's one reason I volunteer at a museum!

    Our building has two parts--a jail and a sheriff's house. We live in the sheriff's house and we have converted two rooms of the former jail (the prisoner processing and dispatch areas) into a little art center where we have classes and art exhibits sometimes. The cell blocks really haven't been touched yet, although we just got back the results of a feasibility study that we commissioned to tell us what we could do structurally, and DH is itching to get at the top floor. We have a ton of space but a lot of it isn't terribly usable yet, unless we want to go into the corrections business!

    Good luck organizing your sewing room. I can never get mine organized somehow. My projects spread out all over the place. You saw the pictures!

    I've been enjoying your blog, too--keep up the great work! If you're ever in the area I'll be happy to do a tour--we take groups through all the time. I'd wait until spring, though, if I were you.