Monday, July 6, 2009

In France, ask for "wee-fee" to connect!

I'm sitting in a cafe in Rouen, France waiting for DD to join me so we can go to a meeting of the Rotary Club that sponsored her stay here during this past school year. I've been Internet-less for most of the three weeks since I left Indiana, so there's a lot of unreported news, but I'm typing with one finger, so most of it will have to wait. Let me just say that I am blessed with a wonderful daughter and am happy beyond words to be with her again. We spent two weeks in Lithuania where I got to know the young man who is the love of her life and not surprisingly, he's terrific, too.

Unfortunately, my iPhone won't let me upload any photos, so stay tuned. We leave for home this Thursday.


  1. Looking forward to those pictures. Stay safe.

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  3. Thank you for entering my giveaway! Good luck to you!

    Be sure to comment a second time so you get credit for the second entry for adding the button. (I'll be using a random number generator) Thanks for spreading the word! :)

    Hey! If I am ever in France I will be sure to ask for "WEE FEE"! LOL! Best of luck to your daughter and the love of her life! That's so romantic! :)